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Meet with the husbands whom fly first class – while their spouses travel in economy

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We t’s enough to produce feminists’ bloodstream boil. Or anyone’s for example.

However for some couples that are married it is completely normal for husbands traveling in very first or company class, while their spouses are relegated to economy.

“John discovers economy intolerable,” economy-class wife Michelle Sedgemore told Samantha Brick and Maureen Brookbanks, composing for the constant Mail. “He does not like chatter, hates that too many people are in close proximity and can not keep being crammed into their chair.” If they both travelled in economy into the Maldives in 2001, it absolutely was a “disaster”: “John did not stop moaning and grumbling. I experienced to possess a couple of cups of wine to try and drown his whingeing out.”

To their next getaway, Michelle booked John a chair in operation class, and another for by herself in economy. “Sadly, we’re able ton’t afford two seats that are posh as far as I might have liked it. Continue reading