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SPECIAL REPORT: Flavonoids in Cannabis

SPECIAL REPORT: Flavonoids in Cannabis

Once we mention the technical and medical components of cannabis, we frequently hear of bioactive substances and terms like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. We now have mentioned cannabinoids times that are countless therefore we have actually discussed terpenes in a previous article. Therefore, how about flavonoids? Exactly what are they and just what role that is important they play in cannabis?

Flavonoids: Exactly What Are they?

Flavonoids participate in a class of plant metabolites and chemical substances which are referred to as phytonutrients. And also this course or team is known as polyphenols. These molecules offer health advantages through cell pathways that are signaling antioxidant impacts. Flavonoids are observed in several plants, fruits, and veggies, plus in cannabis plant, too!

The term “flavonoid” originated through the Latin term flavus, which relates to the color of yellowish because it appears in general. Considering that the function that is primary of flavonoids is to offer color pigmentation to plants and plants to be able to attract pollinators, they deserve their title. Continue reading